Smack USA: Police shoot dead homeless

Smack USA: Police shoot dead homeless -

A shocking video posted on Facebook shows several Los Angeles police officers struggling with a homeless man before shooting . According to the official Jack Richter, the police were responding to a call regarding an altercation between two people Sunday.

In the video you can see that while several officers struggle with man on the street a woman approaches from behind and grabs the nightstick he dropped to one of the policemen. The agent runs into the woman screaming "You have my nightstick!" before two other cops come and throw to the ground.

Meanwhile, the homeless continues to fight with four officers, who try to reduce on the ground. Suddenly, in the video "Drop the gun. Drop the gun" is heard. Then at least one of the policemen opened fire on the man, who is on the floor with at least two officers surrounding him. Recording five shots are heard.

Police have not identified the victim, nor has it specified how many officers were involved or how many shots were fired. The man was pronounced dead at a hospital shortly after the shooting, according to the police spokesman.

Witness what happened identified the victim, which was known in the neighborhood as 'Africa', and gave their versions of what they saw newspaper 'the Los Angeles Times.

Dennis Horne, 29, said "Africa 'I had been fighting with someone in your tent when the police arrived. When 'Africa' refused to comply with police orders to leave the store, the officers used a stun gun on him and dragged him out, Horne said. The officers put the man on the ground, where continued fighting, which eventually led to his fatal shooting, according to Horne.

The death of the homeless is part of the controversy over the use of American police force, mostly Anglo-Saxon against African Americans. In the last months have increased deaths at the hands of the police throughout the country, which resulted in many protests against police violence and racial possible reasons for this.

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