Suriname lawmakers vote for the next five years

Suriname lawmakers vote for the next five years -

The Republic of Suriname vote the new composition of the legislature. the 51 seats that make up the parliament are at stake.

Those who win, must appoint two-thirds majority the next Head of State for a term of five years.

The National Democratic Party , which percenece the current president Desi Bouterse , leading in the polls. On the sidewalk in front are 24 lists (nine parties and 15 coalitions), including the Alliance New Front, headed by former Justice Minister Chan Santokhi stands.

Of the 551,000 people who are part of the Surinamese nation, 350,000 citizens are eligible to vote at 623 polling stations distributed throughout the country.

ethnic Diversity. the young South American country became independent forty years ago the Netherlands. It has a diverse ethnic composition. Its majority group is the Hindustani (37%), from India and Pakistan. Mulattos sectors followed with 31%, Javanese 15% and 5% of Chinese.

Mining. In Suriname the main income comes from mining, mainly the extraction of gold and bauxite, and other important industries such as timber and aluminum.

Mining activities they began to develop during the colonial era in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, with the base Alcoa and its subsidiary Suralco. Bauxite, the main resource for aluminum is the most important export country.

The main partners buyers of the raw material are Canada, Belgium, Norway, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

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