With a crossbow, student killed a teacher in Barcelona

With a crossbow, student killed a teacher in Barcelona -

The assailant, 13, was arrested by agents of the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police), and is entered the unit of psychiatric treatment in a hospital in the Catalan capital, said the Provincial Prosecutor of Barcelona in a statement.

prosecutors pointed out that because it is a child under 14 years is not imputable.

the incident occurred leftovers 9.15 am (local time), when the teenager arrived an hour late for his school, the Joan Fuster Institute, located in a neighborhood of La Sagrera, on the outskirts of Barcelona .

After knocking on the door of his classroom, he was greeted by his teacher, whom he shot with a crossbow causing facial injuries.

Among the cries of his teammates, the aggressor he attacked another student, the daughter of the teacher, which hurt.

hearing screams, a teacher in a neighboring classroom came to see what was happening and the young man shot him near the chest killing him.

Witnesses said then went to another room and attacked her with the knife to other students, and was surprised by a teacher while preparing a Molotov cocktail inside a classroom.

"I hear voices I want to end all voices, "she said the assailant, in a very nervous state, said professor who tried to calm him down until police arrived, according to the newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya.

" in a time sister saw this guy, who ran screaming down the hall like crazy. the fire alarm was activated, and made us walk down the stairs, and there were drops of blood everywhere, "said Telam a student, named Mary, in recounting the minutes of despair that lived within Fuster Institute.

"the boy had a" black list "with names of people who wanted to kill. In fact had shown some companions, but nobody took it seriously, "said the student, 16 years.

Research Sources quoted by the Spanish media claimed that on the desk of the aggressor there "Nazi symbols" and noted that the crossbow used by the assailant was very rudimentary, made of "wood and pens."

While some students argue that the assailant was "a quite normal and sociable guy," others say that "it was rare, and did not have many friends."

After being evacuated, students of Fuster Institute concentrated on the doorstep, where some of them were found with their parents, who attended the place in shock and worried.

"I was in the classroom next door, a girl entered and told us to stay here, there was a guy with a knife and a gun. Was very afraid, "he told Telam another student.

Javier Delgado, father of a student of Fuster Institute, was still shocked and kept looking towards the school gate.

" I can not believe it can happen something like that, "he said, as he kept hugging her daughter, 13.

" I was here close and I found that I was called directly from school to come get my daughter. While I knew she was OK, could not get out of amazement, and was quite affected, "said the father.

Today's attack is the first of its kind known to the attacks on teachers and schools in Catalonia and Spain in recent decades.

local authorities, along with those responsible for the school, announced at a press conference that will launch a protocol of care for students and parents of students, They will receive psychological assistance from this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, said he was "appalled" by the facts and expressed "deep regret" for the victims of the aggressor from school Joan Fuster

the president of the Catalan government, Artur Mas, also expressed regret and declared day of mourning, in addition to suspend public events

Source:.. Telam
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