Greece announced a new law on public broadcasting

Greece announced a new law on public broadcasting -

Greece today announced the creation of a new law for the Greek public broadcaster (ERT), closed unilaterally by the previous conservative government of Antonis Samaras leaving thousands of people without work.

"in one month from now we will have a new law of ERT," said Greek Minister of State, Nikos Pappas, who he said that first will be introduced in Parliament, local daily Efimerida ton Syntakton Pappas, stressed that ERT "will restart from zero, because we want to end pathologies, favoritism and waste of the past" and said there will be no wage gap as in the old body.

"We want to make a new start on the basis of equal treatment of workers, without creating aristocracies. Our goal is to create a modern, competitive, democratic and plural ERT" he said adding that "all workers dismissed" may be part of the new broadcasting "if they wish."

the government of conservative Antonis Samaras declared a unilateral closure of ERT on June 11, 2013, with the argument that it was not economically viable, with its more than 2,0 workers were left unemployed.

Officially the signal was suspended, but about 400 workers ERT continue broadcasting radio and television through other platforms streaming platform ERT Open.

in parallel the previous government opened in May 2014 the public broadcaster Nerit in the same facilities as its predecessor, but with a third of the original template.

for them, according to Pappas, there will be "an evaluation of objective and fair personnel" and the government will seek to "strengthen the voice of workers" in the management bodies to seize the "valuable experience of self" who have demonstrated through ERT Open.

the Executive also plans to create an annual plan for the reconstruction of the new ERT, in which a number of objectives and quality standards will also be established, reported the news agency EFE .

on the other hand, the government continues its relentless attempt to reach an agreement with the reluctant European partners while preparing their positions ahead of the Eurogroup meeting next Monday.

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