Austria: more than 70 dead migrants in a truck

Austria: more than 70 dead migrants in a truck -

spokesman of the Interior Ministry Austria , Alexander Marakovits, announced that more than 70 the migrants found yesterday dead inside an abandoned on the shoulder of the A4 highway truck, east of the country in another tragic chapter of uncontrollable refugee crisis facing Europe, the highest in 70 years.
Initially, the report said I would have between 20 and 50 bodies inside the truck with patent Hungary and whose driver is still unaccounted for.

the vehicle was found yesterday morning on the shoulder of the A4 motorway, police , was seen the day before around Budapest, Hungary.
Meanwhile, the daily 'Krone' confirmed that are 71 deceased, including both men and women but not children, and it is expected that the bodies they are transferred to the forensic institute in Vienna once the investigation is completed.

the truck was moved yesterday afternoon to an old outpost veterinarian Nickeldorf, where he proceeded to the removal of the bodies.
" My companions were all night working and recovered the bodies ", today said police spokesman Helmut Marban agency Austria Presse Agentur (APA) quoted by Europa Press.

So far no details on occurred causes of death, although authorities have already taken almost for granted that occurred by asphyxiation.

Police also said they believed they were already dead before crossing the border with Austria, because when officers arrived the truck inside out liquid indicating the state of putrefaction of corpses.

they found two people dead and rescued 1,430 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea

at least two immigrants died and 1,430 were rescued alive when they sailed adrift in ten boats in the Strait of Sicily, the Mediterranean that separates north Africa from Italy.

the migrants were traveling in ships and boats off the coast of Libya and were rescued in 10 operations, from yesterday until dawn today (local), with the intervention of several patrol coast Guard boats, frigate grecale of the Italian Navy and another vessel of the Guardia di Finanza, said in a note the Operative Central Coast Guard.

also helped the boat of the German NGO, Sea Watch, and diverted a ship merchant to assist in the rescue, said the note quoted by EFE.

in one of the dinghies in traveling 125 immigrants the bodies of two dead people were found, the report makes clear.

Among the rescued immigrants there are many women, some pregnant women and dozens of children and minors unaccompanied by adults

Source:. Telam

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