The Bachelet and Correa congratulated

The Bachelet and Correa congratulated - Macri

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet , and the president of Ecuador, Rafel Correa congratulated Mauricio Macri, who won yesterday's presidential balloting of Argentina, who takes office on 10 December.

Bachelet, who announced that he will participate in the act of Asunsion Macri and stressed the "importance of maintaining the spirit of collaboration. "between the two countries
According appropriated the DPA agency, Bachelet said:" Congratulations to the newly elected president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri speak for "who said he had already greeted by telephone
." phone on the importance for our countries that we can maintain the spirit of cooperation, integration and development that characterizes our common history and the importance of continuing to work for our peoples and Latin America, "Bachelet said.
These words said Bachelet as he threw in the capital's Peñalolén, the social program "Chile care", which provides specialized care to dependent elderly, an instance in which he used to "make public" their congratulations to the newly elected president of Argentina assistance.

On the other hand, Correa, wished him "every success" to the elected head of state, Mauricio Macri, and congratulated Argentina for the "democratic day" yesterday, expressed in the ballot disputed between the leader PRO and former ruling party candidate, Daniel Scioli.
through his account on the social network Twitter, Correa also sent a "hug" to Scioli, highlighted as a "model of democracy" presidential runoff and concluded your message with the emblematic phrase of Che Guevara.. "! Hasta la victoria siempre"
in the text, the Ecuadorian president outlined that Argentina "reemerged like a phoenix after neoliberalism leave her ashes"
"Congratulations to our beloved Argentina for democratic yesterday. All the luck for the new president, Mauricio Macri, and the gratitude of the Patria Grande to Cristina Fernandez, integrationist extraordinary, like Nestor (Kirchner), first secretary of Unasur, "Correa tweeted

Source:. Telam

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