Tomorrow debate indefinite presidential reelection in Ecuador

Tomorrow debate indefinite presidential reelection in Ecuador -

The National Assembly of Ecuador was convened to discuss and approve a package of constitutional amendments including indefinite reelection of authorities tomorrow but that will not give the president Rafael Correa consider running again because it will take effect after the elections of 2017.

at the same time, related and organizations opposing the government began preparations demonstrations to support or reject constitutional changes that have been the subject of national debate since the Correa raised in 2013.

the president confirmed today that was never in their plans as a candidate in the presidential elections of 2017 and it said it plans to withdraw from political life "for a while".

"My plan is, at least in the immediate future, retire at least one time, and a good time, of political life" He said Correa told Radio France Internationale collected by the state news agency Andes.

Correa asked his bloc of legislators who "put a transitional clause for legislators who already had two elections can not be resubmitted and not benefit from his own decision. "

the government majority in the National Assembly effectively supports the proposal that indefinite reelection, currently under discussion, exclude those who carry two terms, as the current ruler.

Correa responds to Macri by Venezuela

In another, Correa said that does not fit to apply the democratic clause Venezuela to separate the Mercosur, as proposed by the Argentine president-elect Mauricio Macri .

"Macri is totally wrong about the democratic clause of Mercosur. Democratic clauses are not for that. I think it lacks a bit of experience and should be better advised because this democratic clause is against coups "he said.

Regarding the electoral triumph of Macri, who will take the government 10 this month, Correa he stated: "Ideologically, for the progressive movement to which I belong and I represent, is a blow. I will not deny it. Argentina is a very important country. But I wish you all the luck in the engineer Macri and the whole Argentina. We are very respectful of the decisions of each people and each government "

. Source: Telam

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