Israel builds a wall in East Jerusalem and growing tension

Israel builds a wall in East Jerusalem and growing tension -

So far this month, 41 Palestinians have been killed seven Israelis in a spiral of violence, fueled by weapons attacks white, mainly young Palestinians and the disproportionate repression by the Israeli security forces.

So far the measures taken by the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu had been authorizing the use of live bullets against any demonstrator and attacking the immediate demolition of the homes of the families of the attackers and the militarization of east Jerusalem , the part of the city that the international community recognizes as part of occupied Palestine.

Israeli authorities today joined two new measures.

on the one hand, the Jerusalem municipality started lifting a concrete wall, similar to that already separates part of the occupied West Bank with Israel, including the Palestinian neighborhood Jabel Mukaber and the colony of Armon Hanatziv, a settlement inhabited by Jewish Israelis, according to CNN.

the UN estimates that nearly half a million Israeli settlers live in colonies that the international community considered illegal in the occupied east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

According advanced the Jerusalem Municipality to local media, the wall will travel about 300 meters around the Palestinian neighborhood.

in 04, the Court International Justice in the Hague, the principal organ of the UN Justice declared illegal the concrete wall that Israel built between Jerusalem and the West Bank and parts of Israel. However, that decision never had a concrete political effect or sanction against Tel Aviv.

On the other hand, the governments of four Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv, the commercial capital of the country, banned today that Israeli workers Palestinian origin working in public schools, according to the news agency Europa Press.

Palestinians represent the largest minority in Israel and rise up to 20% of the population.

arguing security, the municipalities of Tel Aviv, Rehovot and Hod Hasharon, all in the north of the country, and Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, a town halfway of Jerusalem, announced that prohibit workers from "a minority" -a euphemism used to refer to Israelis of Palestinian origin holding positions of maintenance and cleaning.

for months the political and religious tension grew around the Temple Mount, a complex which houses the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque, the holiest for Muslims in Jerusalem, precisely in the old city.

the esplanade, moreover, is claimed by Jews as their holiest site because there rose makes 2,000 years being the Temple of Jerusalem, destroyed by the Roman Empire and whose main ruin is the Wailing Wall

. Source: Telam

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