Macri will not respond to accusations of Venezuelan foreign minister

Macri will not respond to accusations of Venezuelan foreign minister -

Argentina's Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra said the president of the nation, Mauricio Macri "decided that it will not respond" allegations he made in the 49th Mercosur Summit his Venezuelan counterpart, Delcy Rodríguez , who criticized the stance of the Argentine president for his request for release which the Argentine president considers political prisoners in Venezuela, and accused him of issuing decrees against freedom and human rights

Malcorra said the president "listened with concern about misinformation content of the response;. by otherwise, he listens to everyone and go ahead, "referring to the words of Rodriguez, who accused Macri of being prone to release repressors of the dictatorship.

Indeed, Macri said contrary to it and he stated that "the judgments against humanity will continue" in November, after the Buenos Aires daily the Nation issue an editorial in which he claimed for the release of the repressors of the dictatorship convicted of crimes against humanity in recent years.

in a press conference held with Argentine journalists, Malcorra said that "it is obvious that the information was Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez is wrong, and definitely refuses everything it has been said regarding decrees that restrict freedom and human rights. is not and the president decided that a response is not necessary "

Furthermore he stressed that the summit "there has been significant emphasis on what makes human rights, and a specific statement with which we will work together to establish a review mechanism of human rights within the region was signed."

Malcorra continued the controversy by the response of Rodriguez: "we had no anticipation of what would be the reaction of the chancellor, who did it in a very strong way and is his right, but reacted function information that is not correct. "

also stressed that Argentina will continue to maintain bilateral relations with Venezuela" and with all countries, because although we will always have differences, we will recognize them, speak them and work on common areas ".

Source: Telam

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