temporarily suspending the impeachment Dilma Rousseff

temporarily suspending the impeachment Dilma Rousseff -

The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil (STF) decided the temporary suspension of the process that could end in a political trial president Dilma Rousseff before a complaint of unconstitutionality of the law. [1945004it] Meanwhile, the ally Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) Party Vice President Michel Temer , replaced the head of bloc in the House because of their "closeness" with the president.

the court decision came after the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), asked to examine whether the law governing the rules of impeachment is constitutional point on which the Supreme court must rule on Wednesday.

judge Luiz Edson Fachin one of the eleven members of the STF was who decided to suspend immediately the formation of the special congressional committee, made up of 65 deputies, whose mission is to analyze whether the accusations made against Rousseff have legal weight to cause the dismissal of the head of state.

the opposition seeks to prosecute Rousseff financial dealings in the accounts of 2014 which aimed at improving tax numbers.

Fachin issued the injunction in response to demand PCdoB, who answered the procedure adopted for processing the trial against Rousseff and, especially, who questioned the choice of the members of the commission have been made under way secret and not published as required by the ruling. According to the PCdoB, all voting in the House of Representatives must be open, so he requested the annulment of the act performed yesterday and demanded a new election.

The formation of the commission had begun yesterday with the presentation of two lists of deputies who should be part of it, with the Executive unfavorable outcome. The most voted list was proposed by the opposition. The House planned to complete today the integration of the body.

The injunction also opens a question of whether Parliament will convene special sessions for the commission to meet in summer because Rousseff had asked that the process be done " as quickly as possible. "

But what could be relieved by the government was appeased by a decision made today ally PMDB when he announced, after learning the extent of the Court that slows the process of trial, the replacement of the head of the bloc in the House because of their "closeness" with the president.

the PMDB is the largest political force in the country and main pillar of the coalition government of Rousseff, though houses factions dissidents snapped with the opposition in favor of impeachment against the president.

deputy Leonaro Picciani, until now head of the group of 66 deputies of the PMDB, articulated forces in that game against the impeachment, but most of its members were in favor, which stoked the internal differences in such training. The office of Picciani will be occupied now by Leonardo Quintão, who is part of one of the opposing wings of the party

. Source: Telam

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