"Their failures make moral authority to seek the Pope"

"Their failures make moral authority to seek the Pope" -

On September 1 without seizures in previous years, the current tour of Pope Francisco by United States captures the global media agenda.

From his arrival until historical presence in Congress of Washington, supreme pontiff's visit is signaled by many as the beginning of a new chapter in the global chessboard.

Indeed, the speech on Thursday to the US parliament aroused great expectations in public opinion.

To understand the American political scientist James Petras, such interest responds to the ability to find words to graph the reality of the country's best north than they do their own legislators.

"The Pope's speech better reflects the American public that their own representatives in Congress," said Petras.

The presence of the leader Catholic church has generated mixed reactions. "There is a favorable trend in the Democrats, but the feminists also questioned," says the analyst, anchoring the fears with the vision of the Pope on abortion.

The note gave Thursday the program Look who's Talking of Radio Universidad, Petras not reserved criticism of the government headed by Barack Obama . In them, he believes, the real reasons why the president is trying to capitalize on the historic visit hide. "His failures, with senseless wars and commitments to Wall Street makes looking at the Pope any moral authority to capture public attention," he said.

Peron and inclusion

Petras also analyzes the speeches Francisco. In some ways, he says, reminds the statements of Peronism. "Critique savage capitalism, but capitalism itself," he summarizes.

Without doubt, highlights the weight that such words to vast sectors of the population. Especially those that cross hardship for his only attempt to "belong".

"This message has much impact, because it is a critical authority, speaking of equality and inclusion. It is important for immigrants today live with the threat of being expelled, in the ultra reactionary Donaldo Trump speech, "says political scientist.

speaking of immigrants, the analyst mentioned the previous talk that held President American and Francisco. "the Pope is telling you to take courage, not only talk to him. the pressing forward with a plan of integration of immigrants. Obama talks a lot, but in six years drove with sticks and shouting two million people. Now talk about a path to legalization "recalls.

decrepit . Petras also highlights the eyes of the Pope on the relationship between the US and Cuba. "In this issue, the Pope better reflects the American public that their own representatives in Congress. Here are only decrepit old Cuban who are against the opening. In Congress are divided, but increasingly there is less opposition, and Francisco arrives with a message for the end of the blockade, "he concludes.

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