Maduro called for the resignation of his cabinet after the election

Maduro called for the resignation of his cabinet after the election -

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro , asked Tuesday the ministers of his government put the charge the order for the restructuring and profound renewal of the Bolivarian Revolution.

the presidential decision was made with the aim of reinvigorating the process through the change of ministers within the executive branch.

"I have asked the council of ministers to put their objections to the order to make a restructuring, renovation and deep all relaunching the national government, all areas of government, all ministries" he said in his radio and television contact with Maduro .

the decision came after the ruling party lost the legislative elections in which the opposition captured 112 seats on a total of 167 of the National Assembly and achieved thus the absolute majority. According to the updated results, the Patriotic Great Pole (GPP) obtained 55 deputies and the self-styled Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) reached 109, and the three Indians.

"to all my appreciation and embrace brother. We all are men and women dedicated full time, from Monday to Monday to their tasks. humble men and women of the people," he said, according appropriated the DPA agency.

the President said Tuesday that revolutionary forces will continue in the struggle, with humility, to continue defending the needs and interests of the Venezuelan people, against the onslaughts national right.

"We will continue the battle with humility and the catacombs of the people. That is our task, go to the catacombs of the people," the head of state.

the Venezuelan president thanked the conscience of the revolutionaries who kept standing constitutional government, then 43 percent of the national vote the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

Maduro thought that if the opposition had recognized the defeat in the last elections "many lives would have been saved if the opposition had the beginning and the courage to recognize the results of a democratic journey."

Clinched that the Venezuelan people are giving great lessons of morality and democracy to the international right. "They predicted the worst for us, and we were wrong once again," said

. Source: Telesur

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