Bachelet: no lack of democracy in financial systems

Bachelet: no lack of democracy in financial systems -

President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet criticized in United Nations General Assembly the lack of democracy in the financial, monetary and trading systems, and devoted part of his speech to climate change.
in relation to the objectives of Agenda 2030, approved this weekend by the United Nations, Bachelet said for compliance "requires that international financial, monetary and trading systems to operate more democratically, effectively and equitably address the interests of developing countries, which is not always present."
Bachelet participated in the first day of debate of the General Assembly of the UN, which celebrates its 70th anniversary, and until Saturday will bring together 150 heads of state and government as well as ministers and other politicians representing the 193 members states of the United Nations .
the president began his speech by calling for more international efforts to host refugees and announced that Chile has decided to welcome Syrian refugees and strengthen cooperation with Africa, a region in which, from 2016, will participate in operations of UN peacekeeping.
One of the central themes of his speech was the reference to climate change and the upcoming summit cop21 Paris.
Bachelet spoke of measures related to oceans, including the reduction of pollution the seas, control illegal fishing and caring for the diversity of marine resources
Finally, advanced Chile's commitments on CO2 emissions. 'My country is committed to reducing by 2030 its emissions 30 percent and up to 45 percent if we have international support. We also commit to recover 100,000 hectares of forests and reforest additional 100,000, "he said.
Like so requested other Latin American leaders during the day today, Bachelet warned of the need to reform the Security Council of the UN and limit the veto in the case of crimes against humanity.
"it is a necessary reform, in line with how much has advanced the multilateral system and that certainly would give greater legitimacy to the most important organ of the United Nations" he said. in international politics, Bachelet applauded the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, which earned him a standing ovation from those attending the Debate.
in addition, the president welcomed the agreements between the government of Colombia and the FARC, and recalled that "Colombia and its people have our active support in this process, which we hope will lead to lasting peace."

Source: Telam

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