More than 65 dead in another violent day in Iraq

More than 65 dead in another violent day in Iraq -

Much of the region west of Baghdad today became a battlefield, with car bombings, airstrikes and fighting.

at least fifteen members of the Iraqi army and Shiite militias supporters were killed and 22 wounded in a suicide attack with eight car bombs, coordinated by the extremist militia which recently lost control of Ramadi the Islamic State (EI) .

the eight car bombs exploded in areas of Berwana and Al Jasafa in the east of the city of Haditha, 170 kilometers west of Ramadi, a city that EI controlled since last May.

the army managed to destroy four car bombs before they exploded, according to a source of local security to the news agency EFE .

in addition, fifteen soldiers were killed and twelve wounded in another suicide attack with three car bombs and shelling of mortars insurgent militia still unidentified against a brigade of the Iraqi army in the Al Nazem, in northern Falluja, located just 50 kilometers west of Baghdad.

Meanwhile, the region is still under Iraqi airstrikes and the international coalition ally, led by the United States.

at least three Iraqi soldiers were killed and eight wounded in error by bombing the area Albu Khalifa, east of Fallujah in Anbar province, while 21 militants EI killed by another battery of bombing the area Albu Aiza, northeast of Ramadi and the Al Falahat, east of the city.

the advance of the Army of Ramadi in recent weeks was relatively slow because the national government refused to use Shiite militias , which he armed to fight EI.

These Shiite militia committed massive violations of human rights last April, when he finally managed to regain control of another town taken by EI, the Tikrit northern and the effects are still being felt in the city and in the area.

Since then, the attacks allegedly led by EI, continue to plague the city, where many people are still wary of authorities loyal to Baghdad were reinstated by the hand of these Shiite militias.

Today at least 12 policemen were killed and ten others wounded in a suicide attack on a base of Iraqi forces in the northern city of Tikrit, north the country, according to a source of local security EFE

No group yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Iraqi authorities often accuse the EI

source:.. Telam

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