Brazil proposed to the EU association lines with Mercosur

Brazil proposed to the EU association lines with Mercosur -

The government of Brazil proposed to European Union exchange for the agreement deals association with Mercosur maximum in March, and considered that the negotiations can be concluded this year.
secretary of Foreign Trade of the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Daniel Godinho said "we want to exchange them at most in the first quarter" of this year, as reported news agency Brasil 247.
according to Godinho, the conclusion of bi-regional agreement, including free trade, after the exchange of offers, can be realized this year.
the negotiations for the association agreement began in the late 0's and since then there have been two exchanges of offers considered inconsistent on both sides and long periods of stagnation of the negotiations.
last year, negotiations took new impetus and each block made progress in the construction of harmonized offerings.
the European Union sought to analyze the past 2015 if they were given the conditions for an exchange of successful bids, evaluation would address the trade ministers bloc countries.
last October, Brussels called for "political will" to carry 87 to 0 percent tariff to liberalize universe, as the chapter on market access, one of three that includes the agreement association was very close to achieving the possibility of exchange of offers.
at that time, the European ambassador in Argentina, Juan Ignacio Salafranca warned that the success of this exchange required "political will" Mercosur to propose the tariff reduction of at least 0 percent of the bi-regional trade and thus closer to 93 percent offered by the bloc.

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