Argentina concern for the environmental risk Malvinas

Argentina concern for the environmental risk Malvinas -

Chancellor issued a statement expressing concern about the malfunction of the safety valve exploration well which is being drilled in the area called " Isobel Deep " in Argentina continental shelf near the Falkland Islands by the platform Eirik Raude.

According to the press press companies FOGL and Rockhopper had to be suspended drilling 1,273 meters deep following the malfunction of the safety mechanism. A similar event was triggered the environmental catastrophe caused in the Gulf of Mexico at the hands of the company British Petroleum , another British company.

An oil spill of magnitude Malvinas area would have a significant impact on the ecosystem, which could last for decades. The waters surrounding the Falklands are widely known for its rich diversity. There in that area breeding and feeding areas for many species of mammals and seabirds, several of which are under international protection through specific multilateral agreements, because of its high vulnerability and fragile condition. Also, the waters are rich in species that are commercially, such as squid and toothfish exploitation.

According to the latest spill scenarios tested by companies themselves involved, one that happened in the well that these days is drilled in the basin north of the Falkland Islands have a high probability both reach the coast of those as the coast of the island of Tierra del Fuego.

This episode transpired a week later the criminal complaint that initiated the prosecution against the oil companies and their owners, having started mining activities without respecting national regulations

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