Cuba eliminated HIV transmission from mother to child

Cuba eliminated HIV transmission from mother to child -

The Minister of Health Roberto Morales Ojeda , related the news as the result of a system free, regionalized and integrated health, which adopted Cuba after the triumph of the Cuban revolution.

"Everything has been made possible by our social system and political will from the highest level. that is what has allowed a country with scarce resources have reached these achievements, "said the Cuban official to confirm that the island" is able to help other countries "to eliminate vertical transmission of both diseases.

The global achievement got validation World Health Organization (WHO).

Monitoring of babies exposed to HIV and syphilis before, during and after childbirth is one of the pillars of the Cuban model in a primary care setting ranging from the prevention of early pregnancy, until anti-discrimination policies that make people with HIV are not afraid to approach health services, experts said.

According to PAHO, in recent years, "have made great efforts worldwide to ensure that women with HIV receive the treatment they need to stay well and prevent their children from being born with HIV or syphilis. "

Carissa Etienne , director of PAHO, said that" all countries the region committed themselves in 2010 to get the achievement that today reached Cuba. "

Both HIV and syphilis, which share modes of transmission, can be diagnosed by simple methods and treatment has a significant impact on maternal and child. transmission

"the rate of HIV transmission from infected mother to child at the regional level reaches 5%," he said Massimo Ghidinelli , director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), who expressed his wish that the achievement of Cuba to become "a momentum that benefits the rest of the countries of the region."

Source: Telam

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