They look for more than 400 missing after shipwreck in China

They look for more than 400 missing after shipwreck in China -

At least 13 survivors and the bodies of five castaways were rescued so far the total of the 458 occupants of the ship sunk yesterday in the Yangtze river , China, while rescue teams trying to access the inside of the boat, where voices and noises are heard.

All the people who browsed in the Estrella de Oriente are Chinese citizens, especially tourists from this country aged between 50 and 85 years, while the youngest passenger is a child of only 3 years, according quoted by Chinese media list.

of the total occupant of the ship, 47 are crewmembers and five are employees of a travel agency, and 406 tourists there are 204 from the province of Jiangsu, while the rest are from other parts of China like Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Fujian and Anhui, newspaper Oriental Vanguard, according appropriated EFE .

At the moment, there are 13 survivors, including a woman of 85 years who was recently rescued and which is stable, said the Chinese TV channel CCTV .

released by state media Images Chinese show team members on the keel of the sunken ship, which protrudes from the surface of the river , trying to locate what part of the inside of the boat come the calls of possible survivors, and from which the voices and noises.

the ship, called Eastern Star (East), belongs to a shipping Chongqing, where he headed from Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, when it sank because of a cyclone

Source:. Telam

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