Paraguay: three policemen killed by guerrilla

Paraguay: three policemen killed by guerrilla -

Police autoacuartalada Paraguay is in a Safety Alert motivated by the deaths of three police officers in a rural area of ​​San Pedro department (north), in principle attacked by members of Paraguayan People's Army (EPP).

"the police will present their dependencies destination, immediately, to receive new directives "the note said police sent shortly after the discovery of three bodies of agents in a considered by the Government of influence of the guerrilla zone.

three policemen were found shot dead and burned truck in a town about 250 kilometers north of Asuncion, which has a total of 5 policemen killed in strange circumstances this week in the area where the EPP armed group acts.

the three bodies were found lying on the ground near the burning vehicle, according to the Paraguayan police.

the dead were circulating in the colony Yaguareté Forest , a town that belongs to the district of Santa Rosa del Aguaray, in the department of San Peter, because they had received a request for help.

the incident occurred less than 25 kilometers from where two policemen were gunned down last Sunday.
the Paraguayan Government attaches to the EPP fifty murders and several kidnappings since its founding in 08.

on the other hand, five military call Joint Task Force (FTC), dedicated to the fight against the guerrillas were wounded when traveling to the area.

the military truck in which they were were headed to help the colony Yaguareté Forest capsized and left five injured passengers, according to sources at the FTC.

the FTC is formed by police, military and drug enforcement agents dedicated to the fight against EPP and Armada group Campesina (ACA), a split of the first group.

Source: Telam

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