Eurozone reached unanimous agreement with Greece

Eurozone reached unanimous agreement with Greece -

The European Council President Donald Tusk, announced today that the leaders Eurozone reached a "unanimous agreement" to begin negotiations for the third bailout of Greece .

in a message on the social network Twitter , Tusk said that "everything is ready to take Mechanism europ eo Stability (ESM) program for Greece, with serious reforms and financial support. "

Before and by the same route, prime ministers Belgium, Luxembourg and Malta reported that after nearly 17 hours of negotiations, the leaders reached an agreement with Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras on the reform plan that will implement immediately to change to begin talks for the third bailout, which would be around the 82,000 to 86,000 million euros.

Tsipras said today that his government had a "tough battle" for six months and "fought to the end to an agreement that would allow the country to recover."

"we face difficult dilemmas and we had to make difficult concessions to avoid the application of the plans of some European ultraconservative circles "Tsipras said after the eurozone summit in which it was agreed to start negotiations for a third bailout.

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