Cuba and the United States reopened their embassies after 54 years

Cuba and the United States reopened their embassies after 54 years -

From 00:01 am on Monday 20 July in the capitals of Cuba and United States , which share the same time zone, officially opened the embassies of both countries, after more than 54 years that the government of Dwight Eisenhower broke relations with Cuba and John F. Kennedy shortly after lift the longest blockade in history against a nation.

the Cuban flag waving again in Washington starting this July 20, it means the beginning of a new era between the two nations to the normalization of their relations.

But both sides agree that this second phase of negotiations will be longer and more complex than the preceding one, one that concludes today with the opening of embassies and the full restoration of diplomatic relations .

the official opening ceremony will take place only in the Cuban diplomatic mission. The Obama administration has set no date for the meeting, also at the highest diplomatic level in its habanera headquarters.

The Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez is the first chancellor of the island officially Washington visit since 1959, and the head of the Cuban delegation to the opening ceremony in the US capital.

After the ceremony this morning, will meet with his counterpart, secretary of State John Kerry, in the Department of State. In that building, also from the early hours of Monday, it has deployed a Cuban flag along with all other countries with which the US maintains diplomatic relations

. Source: Cuba Debate

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