US police kill at point blank range a young

US police kill at point blank range a young -

A video uploaded to the web platform YouTube viralizarse began under the hashtag #Justicefordillon .

The images show as an American police shoot a young man blank range in the vicinity of a trade. (The images could be impressionable: View)

occurred in broad daylight in downtown Salt Lake City when a police officer shot Dillon Taylor after mistaken for a suspect who the police were at that time in the neighborhood where sauntered three friends.

the wide dissemination of images in social networks, mainly in United States, are part of the discomfort that some sectors of society and organizations social demonstrated against the wave of police abuse.

the Washington Post published a note last week which revealed that 2015 already are 385 fatalities for the use of firearms by of the security forces. (See: In 2015 the US police killed about 400 people)

In the US, every police force, state or municipal level, can choose whether reports to the FBI shootings and cases where their officers killed a suspect or a prisoner. Since 2011, less than 3% of the more than 18,000 police do.

Only those data and some estimates, the FBI estimated in the last decade that about 400 people are killed in shootings carried out by cops year, representing an average of 1.1 per day death.

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