They continue to seek Malaysia Airlines plane

They continue to seek Malaysia Airlines plane -

One year after the strange disappearance of flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines , the government Kuala Lumpur pledged today to continue the search for the remains of the ship carrying 239 people from that city Beijing amid growing criticism from relatives of the victims.

"there are no words to describe the pain of the relatives of those who were on board. the lack of answers and definitive proof, as the remains of the plane- it became something even more difficult to bear, "wrote the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak , in an official statement quoted by the news agency EFE.

" Together with our international partners, we followed the little evidence we have. Malaysia remains committed to the search and hopeful that MH370 will be found, "said the official, without adding anything really new to the official discourse that are listening to the families of the victims in the last months.

The search teams and swept 43% of the 60,000 kilometers, where international researchers believe that plunged the Boeing 777-0 in the Indian Ocean and expect to complete the raking in May. It is unclear what will happen if they find any trace.

Given the desperation of the families of the victims and the sustained interest of international public opinion, the authorities released today a preliminary report, in which the Malays members of the international research team revealed that battery system location of the black boxes had expired a year before the flight MH370 took off in Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing.

"the sole objective of the investigation is the prevention of future accidents and incidents and not blame, "said the report of over 580 pages, which represents the first official conclusion of international investigation that began weeks after the disappearance of the ship.

the authors also stated that the captain of the plane, Zaharie Ahmad Shah , did not suffer physical or mental problems, and stressed that lacked a history of anxiety or irritability.

"There were no significant changes in their lifestyle, interpersonal conflict or stress family, "the document.

the Malays researchers also found no suspicious movements in the bank accounts of Zaharie or passenger Fariq Abdul Hamid , which contradicts the theory that they would have committed sabotage for some reason.

at the moment, the hypothesis they work with international experts is that the Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines crashed exactly one year ago in the Indian Ocean after veering off route between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. The reasons for the deviation and fall are still unknown.

The lack of information and physical traces continues dilating the grief and pain of the families of the 239 people who disappeared with flight MH370.

While the airline made a small private commemoration, today there was no act or official ceremony in Malaysia for the first anniversary of the disappearance of the plane of Malaysia Airlines.

However, over a hundred relatives and friends of the victims, convened by the support group Voice 370, gathered in the Malaysian capital on their own to pay tribute to their loved ones.

"When we got here, did not receive us representatives of MAS (Malaysian Airlines) or the Malaysian government, have had many difficulties, "he told EFE a Chinese family who lost her husband on the flight MH370.

the woman, who asked not to reveal his name fear of reprisals from Chinese authorities, criticized the government of Kuala Lumpur by lack of communication, a secrecy described as "suspicious."

in the ceremony held by Voice 370 in the shopping Publika, some relatives not could hold back tears when approached by dozens of photographers, while others focused on signing a manifesto to ask that we not stop the search.

Despite the promise outlined today by the Malaysian premier, last January, his government had declared the disappearance of the aircraft as an accident and its occupants as probably dead.

Some of the relatives of the missing, mostly a group of Chinese citizens, rejected again today that statement and denounced the "abandonment" of Kuala Lumpur .

Other families, especially in Malaysia and Australia endorsed instead the government statement, which will allow them to receive compensation by insurers.

in China a group of family also organized a ceremony to remember this first anniversary.

were gathered from early morning in the Lama temple in Beijing and held a ceremony surrounded by an operating nourished security that prevented international journalists to participate or speak to the relatives of the victims.

Source: Telam

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