They found the second black box Germanwings plane

They found the second black box Germanwings plane -

The French prosecutor said today that found the second black box Germanwings plane fell on March 24 last in the Alps and caused 150 dead, including three Argentines.

the device contains the record of the flight parameters of the aircraft and was found by the gendarmes who for ten days working at the crash site.

the device was taken to the campaign headquarters located in the town of Seyne-les-Alpes and will be discussed in the coming days by the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) studying the case, EFE reported.

the first black box contains the audio recordings inside the cabin and allowed researchers to reach the main hypothesis that the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz triggered the decline of Airbus A230 after taking the controls and refuse to open the door to the commander.

since it became known that the co-pilot received years psychotherapeutic treatment for "suicidal" and had a medical certificate down psychiatric illness that had broken and concealed from the company, effective for the day of the incident.

the German government said today it will review the closure systems of the aircraft cabin and medical and psychological examinations that are taken to pilots.
This was announced by Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, after a meeting with representatives of the German Federation of aviation Industry in which it was decided to create a commission of experts to analyze changes in regulations of air travel.

"Our goal is to optimize air safety and review current standards, in light of the terrible tragedy, "said the minister.

Meanwhile, the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, said today that studied reintroduce passport control for all flights within the European Union, the so-called Schengen, as one of the measures of control after the plane crash in the French Alps, said today the newspaper "Bild" area.

after the accident the aircraft was investigated all passengers and crew in order to confirm or rule that may have been a terrorist attack, the official said.

"But we realized it was initially unclear who is actually found in the plane, "he said and pointed out that" in my opinion we should know, for security reasons, who really is on board. "

The plane Germanwinds, which was traveling from Barcelona (Spain) to Dusseldorf (Germany ), crashed on March 24, killing 150 people, including three Argentines. Juan Armando Pomo, Gabriela and Sebastian Maumus Grecco

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