Colombia: mayor and 13 councilors arrested for corruption

Colombia: mayor and 13 councilors arrested for corruption -

The mayor of the Colombian city of Florence , capital of Caqueta, Susana Maria Portela , her husband and 13 councilors were arrested by the authorities denounced by corruption, police said.

Portela and her husband, Diego Luis Rojas "bought" the support of the council to expand the quota of debt the municipality "above the established parameters and fiscal capacity" according to a police statement.

the Deputy Attorney General Jose Fernando Perdomo , he confirmed the information, stating that what happened in Florence is "a serious episode of corruption." "What the prosecutor has established and has been shown is that through an agreement between the mayor, her husband Diego Luis Rojas and some advisors, agreed to illegally purchase the civil service of 13 councilors of Florence" said Perdomo told reporters.

the official added that the idea was "so manifestly contrary to the law, approve an agreement that would allow the debt of the municipality of Florence by a higher than financial amount and legally sleeps."

the investigation by the Attorney links mayor to the crimes of embezzlement by appropriation for third parties, conclusion of contracts without legal requirements and malfeasance by default.

This is the second time Portela is detained for administration. The first was in February 2014 for alleged irregularities in the conclusion of a contract for the construction of 79 homes for poor families in a neighborhood of the city.

Florence is a city of about 170,000 inhabitants in the Amazon region of Colombia and one of the hardest hit by the armed conflict by the activity of guerrilla groups and drug traffickers in the area

Source:. Telam

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