Obama: "We do not believe that Venezuela is a threat to the US"

Obama: "We do not believe that Venezuela is a threat to the US" -

The president gave an interview to the agency EFE shortly before traveling to Panama to participate Friday and Saturday seventh Summit of the Americas , which also said that neither his country nor the continent should "keep silent" about the situation in Venezuela, which, in his opinion, faces " huge challenges "and whose government Washington remains open to" direct dialogue ".

in this context, Obama returned to tone down the decree signed on 9 March last, which qualifies Venezuela as" a threat "to the security of the United States and that, in turn, applies economic government officials Nicolas Maduro sanctions.

" We remain very concerned about how the Venezuelan government continues its efforts to intimidate political opponents , including the arrest and prosecution for political office of elected officials, and the continued erosion of human rights, "said Obama, in dialogue with Efe.

he explained that the sanctions announced in March" were addressed to deter human rights violation and corruption "in Venezuela.

the sanctions, said US president are against individuals" responsible for persecuting political opponents, restricting freedom of the press, using violence and of arbitrary arrest and detention. "

but said that" these sanctions do not want to undermine the Venezuelan government or promote instability in Venezuela. "

Following the tension generated by this decision of Washington, which ranked in the rejection of all Latin American countries, both governments gave Wednesday steps to lower tensions on the eve of the Summit of Panama.

First there was an explanation of the US, which was accepted by Maduro in a speech, then Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez received yesterday in Caracas to senior adviser to the Department of State Thomas Shannon, who was accompanied by Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez.

was the bilateral meeting at the highest level in years Under Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, Rodriguez Shannon ratified the "demand" that is repealed executive order issued by Obama in March.

"I want to speak out. Our main and abiding interest is in a Venezuela that is prosperous, stable, democratic and secure. We want the Venezuelan people succeed and prosper, "Obama said in the interview.

In this regard, stressed that the US is the largest trading partner of Venezuela, with bilateral trade of more than 40,000 million dollars a year and that there are "deep and lasting connections" between citizens of both countries.

"I firmly believe in diplomatic engagement, and the United States remains open to direct dialogue with the Venezuelan government to discuss any topic of interest mutual, "said Obama.

in his view, the" internal dialogue "to find a" political solution to the divisions that divide Venezuelan society "is the" best way "to Venezuela, a country that" faces enormous challenges right now. "

" We will continue to work closely with others in the region to encourage the Venezuelan government to carry out its commitment to promote and defend democracy "promised the president.

According to Obama, the Summit of Panama is an "important moment" for all leaders in the region to reaffirm their commitment to the "principles and values" of the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

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