"When Argentina is doing well, going to Uruguay phenomenon"

"When Argentina is doing well, going to Uruguay phenomenon" -

The former president and current senator of the Republic of Uruguay, Jose Mujica , became Córdoba present in the city. He gave a lecture revolved around the concept of cooperativism and its values.

"When I was young I wanted to fix the world. I could not. Now I try to improve the sidewalk of my house, the surrounding neighborhood. That's why I'm here, because this is my neighborhood, "was one of the first phrases that the current senator neighboring country began his presentation.

"you have to live like the people who vote you"

as in each occurrence, Jose Mujica always awake surprises around his modest style that characterizes it. In response to questions Mujica said that he is "the son of his circumstances." He recounted: "I had to live for many years in the solitude of a dungeon, the night that I threw a mattress was happy. I learned that if you look for happiness, better living lightweight luggage with little material commitment. "

The senator went on to say that his life is the same as that of a" man of the people ordinary, which is the people who constitute the majority. " Therefore, he said that if the people is the one who decides, "you have to live like them."

"My relationship with Cristina is great, despite some clashes "

The senator described his relationship with Cristina as" great, despite some clashes ". He then acknowledged exclamation: "Poor woman, you have to manage corporations that exist in this nation! She has created a personality not to be wear, and therefore has a confrontational style. Ever, I am warm, but always admire her. "

Mujica said he admires the president, but said that does not mean match. "But I have enormous affection, because he has had an immeasurable fight, and because among other things have not forgiven him for being a woman," said the senator, who criticized the unfair treatment they receive the presidents of Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

"When Argentina is doing well, and Uruguay will go phenomenon"

Regarding Argentina policy, Mujica confessed he has learned that "when the Argentina does well, going to Uruguay phenomenon; but when Argentina succumbs, there too ". However he preferred not to delve into a deep opinion not to compromise their country.

However, he gave a look "as an amateur political scientist," as it was described. And he said that when you look at Argentina by far, has a perception that "Peronists are all (or almost all), but are separated. Only together when it comes to government someone who is not a Peronist. "

Anyway, closed the answer saying that he wants the best in the country," Argentina is full of light. "

The "old flag of self-determination" in Latin America

Mujica defended "the old flag self-determination ". He explained that the region is important to let the people themselves decide on their destinations. In cases like those of Venezuela, "we have to avoid hitting" delivered. "Human history has shown that when most western messes with export of democracy clubbed worse are countries," said the president.

"Since the world began there empires, and they always put where they want. The strange thing would be not to get involved. It would be like trying to have good empires. Empires are thus by their very nature, "said Mujica, who continued:" The problem is in us. I do not know when we'll keep blaming them when we facilitate their work. "

On this question, the montevideano said the solution is to achieve a more cohesive economy to create the necessary conditions to "avoid man came to domination."

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