Greece calls on Europe a new agreement to be financed

Greece calls on Europe a new agreement to be financed -

The news shook another day full of drama, with Greece plunged into financial chaos that forced her to impose a "corralito" to avoid a collapse of its banking system and having to print new currency, which would, in fact, leaving the euro.

While proposals and counterproposals succeeded, some 13,000 supporters of the "yes" in the Greek referendum stay in the euro gathered in the same square of Athens yesterday covered tens of thousands of supporters of the "no" and pro-government.

Just announced the request, the Dutch Finance Minister, Jeroen Dijsselbloem and head of the Eurogroup -made by the ministers of Economy and Finance of the euro area, announced that the forum will hold a special conference call today to discuss the Greek request that would be its third funding program in five years .

the conference was convened for tonight, Dijsselbloem said, after the Greek government will send the request with copies to the creditor institutions to sign a new program.

But the Slovak Minister finance, Peter Kazimir, reported on Twitter that the ministers of Economy and Finance of the euro area ruled today another extension of the rescue, unable to carry out the necessary formalities before the current program expires at midnight.

Michel Reijns spokesman Dijsselbloem, announced through the same social network that eurozone ministers will again hold another conference call Wednesday morning.

the office of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, did not elaborate on the agreement of two years set out to achieve with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), an intergovernmental body set up to provide financial assistance to eurozone members and stabilize the euro.

However, the source of the office of Tsipras announced the request, and asked not to be identified, said the deal would "fully meet the financing needs and the simultaneous restructuring of debt," the news agency . EFE

Source: Telam

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