Attacked with aircraft the presidential palace in Yemen

Attacked with aircraft the presidential palace in Yemen -

aircraft forces loyal to Shiite movement hutíes launched two air strikes on the presidential palace in the city of Aden , in the south of Yemen , after several days of the offensive launched in the south and amid rumors that the president had left the country.

Yemeni President Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi , converted the palace in Aden at his official residence after escaping weeks of virtual house arrest in the capital, Sanaa, at the hands of the same Houthi insurgency ago.

Despite the rain of rumors about a new flight of Hadi, this time abroad, his chief of staff, Mohamed Meram, he informed the press that the president is safe, that remain in the city to face the crisis and the bombs fell into the sea without causing damage, according reproduced news agency Europa Press.

"okay and is directing the popular resistance and south to prevent the entry of militia forces in Aden" said the official.

international agencies, however, mention large columns of smoke rising from the complex, which is located in the Al Maashiq and it was bombed last week, in an air raid caused no casualties, according to the news agency EFE.

Similarly, the organ Defense Shiite movement announced that Hadi fled his residence and his whereabouts are unknown, in a statement in which he warned that the president could escape the country by air or land and offered a reward of 20 million Yemeni riyals ($ 93,000) to anyone who captures or provide information on his whereabouts.

Adding confusion to the situation, the State Department American said today he spoke with Hadi, an ally of Washington declared after the attacks began on the presidential palace.

"it is not in his residence. I can not confirm more details about his whereabouts. Were in contact with him during the last days, "said spokeswoman State Department Jen Psaki, at a press conference in Washington.

What is confirmed is that hutíes took the airport of Aden where until recently operated US special forces deployed in that country and that were withdrawn this week.

the hutíes also reported captured Defense Minister Hadi Mahmud al-Subaihi, but no member of government confirmed the news.

amid this chaos and apparent power vacuum, the government Hadi asked today formally a military intervention in the Arab countries, mainly Egypt and conservative monarchies of the Persian Gulf in Yemen to stop the Houthi movement.

Foreign Minister Riad Yasin said that requested a "direct", especially air, intervention in a meeting in Egypt with the secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil al Arabi, told Arab channels Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.

Tomorrow, diplomats responsible for the Arab countries will hold a meeting in the Egyptian city of Sharm al Sheikh to study this issue.

Shortly before the attack the president had also asked the UN military intervention to halt the Shiite military offensive, according to a letter published today.

in the message to the Security Council, Hadi requests the issuance of a resolution under clause seventh pact United Nations, which authorizes military intervention.

the president explained in the letter that urged countries of the Cooperation Council of the Gulf (GCC) and other Arab states immediate help with all possible means, including military intervention to prevent the Houthi city of Aden, where he established his base in the middle of the crisis assault.

the president said that Shiite militiamen continue their aggression using weapons captured Yemeni Army, as combat aircraft, with those who have bombed several cities, including Aden.

the Houthi advancing we last days allowed the group control today the city of Al Huta, capital of the southern province of Lahech after a series of military victories yesterday in the southern town of Ad Dali and Taiz southern, which provided him atenazar the attack from several fronts.

the president established his headquarters and his government in Aden after escape from the capital Sana'a last February 21, after the seizure of power by the Shiite movement.

from this southern city, Hadi last month of his resignation backtracked and announced that he was still the legitimate president country

. Source: Telam

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