Mercosur presidents discussed the incorporation of Bolivia

Mercosur presidents discussed the incorporation of Bolivia -

is conducted the 48th. Summit of Mercosur in Brasilia with the Regular Meeting of the Common Market Council, comprising the foreign ministers of the regional bloc, as a prelude to the meeting of presidents will be held next Friday.

the activity will take place from 9 in the Itamaraty Palace, seat of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry and attended by the representatives of the States Parties Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay and Uruguay, and associated States Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Surinam and Guyana.

at the meeting, the foreign ministers will seek to advance the incorporation of Bolivia as a full member of Mercosur, which already has the support of all leaders.

in this sense, the Brazilian government, which said that "Mercosur must advance on the accession of Bolivia" was expressed yesterday.

"the full membership of Bolivia will occur when the congresses of the five countries have ratified "said ambassador Antonio Jose Simoes .

a first protocol and was endorsed by the Argentine, Uruguayan and Venezuelan parliaments.

But in this next meeting will be made the signing of the leaders a second protocol, said Simoes.

Meanwhile, the president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner traveled to Brasilia to attend the Friday of the Summit of Heads of State Mercosur, which also hold a bilateral meeting with his counterpart Dilma Rousseff , official sources said.

national Delegation. Cristina will travel accompanied by Economy Minister axel kicillof ; Minister of Industry Debora Giorgi ; Secretary of Public Communication, Alfredo Scoccimarro ; and Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Zuain , representing Hector Timerman, who is recovering from surgery.

Presidential Summit. activities Friday will begin at 9.30 in the Itamaraty Palace with a private meeting between the heads of state of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay (Tabaré Vázquez), Venezuela (Nicolas Maduro) and Paraguay (Horacio Cartes), to which later Associate States Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Surinam and Guyana are added together.

Then will take place the plenary session, in which the leaders will advance the accession of Bolivia as full member of the bloc, with the presence of Evo Morales, and the ceremony of transfer of the pro tempore presidency of Brazil to Paraguay for a period of six months.

Paraguay takes ownership of regional bloc after three years, since in July 2012 had been suspended in connection with the dismissal of Fernando Lugo, and then reinstated in August 2013, with the assumption of Horacio Cartes.

Finally, presidents official photo

Social Summit of Mercosur. will be taken and will share a lunch offered by the host president. on the other hand, it ends tomorrow in Brasilia social Mercosur Summit, which takes place at the International Convention Center of Brazil, bringing together organizations and social movements in the region.

in addition, yesterday was held in the city of Belo Horizonte V business Forum of Mercosur, which provided an opportunity to promote integration among the bloc's countries in the areas of trade promotion and investment attraction

Source:. Telam

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