400 Libyan immigrants disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea

400 Libyan immigrants disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea -

Among the victims there would be "many young, probably less," confirmed in a statement the Italian subsidiary of Save the Children , as reported agency EFE .

they According reported the survivors, "the shipwreck would have occurred 24 hours after" the ship departed from the coast of the African country.

Save the children she reported that between 11 and 13 April arrived on Italian shores "more than 5,100 immigrants", of which about 450 are children and 317 were traveling unaccompanied, who were aided and landed by authorities that European country in the southern regions of Lampedusa, Sicily, Calabria and Puglia.

"Many of them have lived experiences of appalling violence, and have lost friends, family or parents, even in recent shipwrecks," lamented CEO of Save the Children, Valerio Neri, and warned that "the situation in Libya is out of control" and that "violence in the streets is unprecedented."

the organization stressed in the statement that " the increasing number of deaths at sea poses, not only to Italy but the entire European Union and its members, the duty to respond to a search and rescue at sea able to deal with this situation. "

"the high and constant presence of landings in which there are children traveling alone imposes the need for a suitable host system," he explained.

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