Cuba announces first public wireless Internet access

Cuba announces first public wireless Internet access -

In the next few weeks, Cuban can access internet wirelessly in 35 areas in 15 provinces of the country, which is the first such offering for the general population.

the areas where you can use the service are public spaces such as parks, avenues and pedestrian walks in various cities. Five of these sites will be in Havana.

"Under the name of WIFI_ETECSA connection to navigate in a first stage at 35 sites nationwide will be," the Director of Communications of the entity, Luis Manuel Diaz.

The new service will be accessible to users with contracts to local accounts Nauta and constitutes "a first step of starting up a path more" to that service.

With thaw between Cuba and the United States have skyrocketed expectations of improved access to internet on the island and some US companies have shown interest in developing projects on the island in that direction. Also, just this week returned to travel to the island of Google representatives. The directors of the US giant called for the expansion of network access via mobile phones.

The news was published Thursday by the newspaper Juventud Rebelde , which also said the telecommunications monopoly Cuba (ETECSA) will reduce the cost of surfing the hourly rate of $ 4.5 to 2.

Scarce connection

the Caribbean island has one of the lowest Internet connectivity rates in the world, with virtually no broadband service in houses and high rates reserved for foreign and some professionals who are authorizes the connection. According to the International Telecommunication Union, only 3.4% of Cuban households are connected.

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