UNASUR propose that provide financial aid to Greece

UNASUR propose that provide financial aid to Greece -

In a letter to President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, prestigious experts who make up the Phoenix Group suggest that Argentina convene members UNASUR "to formulate a program of support for the sovereignty and recovery of Greece by providing lines of credit to help with food and essential goods from of our region. "

Political scientist Abraham Leonardo Gak , director of the Chair Open Plan Fénix of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Buenos Aires, made him arrive at a open letter from the group to the President where states that "the Phoenix group was born in the days of debacle to contribute their ideas in order to face the same neoliberal policies that place in check today the ancient Greece." (See: This Tuesday is the deadline for Greece to pay the IMF)

"While economies and means available to Argentina and Greece, are different, the values ​​and the need to regulate financial activity to serve development and not speculation are the same, "the text.

the letter stressed that Greece" suffers from reckless borrowing policy promoted by international financial speculation ", similar to that faced Argentina during the crisis of 01-02.

" the current situation also reveals the failure of rescue operations aimed to rescue speculators and prevent the debtor to recover the order with stability, growth, sovereignty and equality, "he adds.

According to experts of the Phoenix Plan, the Greek crisis" reflects the crisis of the current international financial system and in the European Union, replacing the values ​​of solidarity and community democracy for submission to the interests of the world of money. "

also emphasizes that it is" an exemplary case for Latin America to express their solidarity with a country that defends their right to decide their own destiny and at the same time, insist on the need to build a world order that favors development and equity in international relations. "

this context, and l Phoenix Group suggests to the President to "take the initiative to convene members of UNASUR to formulate a program of support for the sovereignty and recovery of Greece by granting credit lines, under appropriate conditions, contribute to the country with food and essential goods from our region. We consider it appropriate that Argentina is pioneering making a concrete contribution in this regard. "

In dialogue with Radio Universidad , political scientist Oscar Oslak he said that it would be " a show of solidarity with the Greek people."

" This is raise the possibility that countries of UNASUR extend a line of Greek government credit, especially through the delivery of food or medicines (...) Argentina is unable to extend credit in money nor are talking about a donation, "said the professional .

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