With Argentina aid, the UN produced a paper on children

With Argentina aid, the UN produced a paper on children -

This is a document with recommendations on children's rights in digital contexts, material with which he collaborated Argentina sharing their public policies, reported the Ministry of Justice .

"Our country meets many of the recommendations of the UN, such as promoting universal and equal access to digital media and new technologies through the Connect Equality and Argentina Connected programs, "said Juan Cruz González Allonca.

He is the owner of National Directorate of Personal data Protection (PDP) , an agency under the Ministry and who participated in the debate that took place last year during the 67th Convention of Human Rights of Children , in Geneva, Switzerland, that generated the document.

"Argentina also complies with the effective protection of the privacy of personal data and implementation of tools to prevent damage that may result from the use of new technologies, through the program with Vos on the web," said the official.

publication of UN aims to promote respect, dissemination and enforcement of the rights of children in the digital context.

this includes recommendations on legislation, policies and coordination , specifications for cooperation with civil society, the rights of children in relation to the business sector, non-discrimination and respect for the point of view of the child.

also addresses the rights freedom of expression, access to appropriate information, freedom of association and peaceful assembly; the right to privacy, and protection from harm, including violence, exploitation and abuse.

The text also speaks of the importance of the commitment and participation of stakeholders such as families, schools and the private sector.

Connect Equality was created in April 2010 and has already delivered more than 5 million netbook students and teachers in public secondary schools, special education, and teacher training institutes.

in the same year came Argentina Connected , a comprehensive connectivity strategy to improve the daily communication of all inhabitants of Argentina. The program has meant that Argentina build its own satellites; has 83 stations Digital TV and Federal fiber optic network that connects the whole country.

Meanwhile, With Vos on the Web , which depends on the PDP, is a space for communication, information, advice and participation of the population on issues related to the New Technologies of information and communication Technology (ICT), the protection of personal data, privacy and the privacy of children . and adolescents, which advises through its website and classroom training

for the full UN document issued by the Ministry of Justice made it available on the link: http: //www.jus .gob.ar / media / 2944166 / recomendacionesonu.pdf

Source: Telam

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