Mexico gives closed the controversy with Pope Francisco

Mexico gives closed the controversy with Pope Francisco -

Mexican Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade , gave "absolutely settled" any difference with Vatican , following the words of Pope Francisco in which he warned of the risk of "Mexicanization" of Argentina, and said the invitation for the pope visit Mexico "remains open".

the response of the chancellor came after the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi , he claimed that the Pope did not want to hurt that country but "to emphasize the seriousness of the phenomenon of drug trafficking that afflicts Mexico and other Latin American countries. "

in a meeting with journalists, the foreign minister said that by way of diplomatic dialogue was" absolutely settled "any" differences that might have been "with the Holy See after the pronouncement with which the Pope made reference to the advancement of drug trafficking in Argentina.

"Mexico's relationship with the Vatican State" and "the Pope is a relationship of great importance, (...) endearing and nearby, as I said yesterday the Vatican, "said Meade, quoted by EFE.

the chancellor stressed that the invitation of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto made personally Francisco to visit the country "remains open".
"we know the interest (...) that the Pope has for Mexico and we will be attentive when and when it is convenient, Mexico reiterated by the full readiness and full taste would that visit our country, "he added.

Lombardi also said in Rome that" the Pope was not intended in any way to hurt the feelings of the Mexican people, by which nourishes a special affection, much less underestimate the government commitment in the fight against drug trafficking. "

the reaction of the Vatican, which had already been brought forward on Tuesday by Mexico, was the result of a formal request for clarification made by the foreign minister of Mexico, Jose Antonio Meade , after expressing his "sadness and concern" over the Pope's words.

"As is known, the expression 'avoid mexicanización', it was used by the Pope in an e-mail strictly private and informal in response to an Argentine friend very committed to the fight against drugs, which had used the phrase "Lombardi said.

earlier, the leader of the NGO La Alameda and Buenos Aires legislature, Gustavo Vera, that was who spread the concepts of Mexico that Pope Francis sent him a personal note, said the country should be more concerned "by the facts that semantics" because "the truth I think the tree is covering the forest ".

added that the expression of Pope Francisco to warn about the risks of a" Mexicanization "of Argentina for drug trafficking, adding that" it was not any kind of stigma "and that" we were surprised by the reaction the Mexican government. "

added, in an interview with Radio Formula Mexican chain," Francisco uses the neologism, but far is to stigmatize, offend the sentiment of the Mexican people. "

"We talk about 'mexicanización' as you (the Mexicans) colombianization spoke ten years ago. It was a recontra popular term in Mexico and no one interpreted it as a stigma against Colombia, "he said.

Vera noted that when Francisco uses the expression" refers to the last of the countries that unfortunately drug trafficking has managed to get inside a spiral of violence which is very hard to go beyond good intentions and beyond the measures timely taken by the government "

. Source: Telam

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