United States hoisted his flag in Cuba after 54 years

United States hoisted his flag in Cuba after 54 years -

The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry , again raise the flag today his country at the embassy in Havana after more than 54 years after the two countries will reprise their diplomatic relations on July 20.

the official presided over the reopening of the embassy in a ceremony in which he gave a speech in English and Spanish, which claimed the negotiating vocation of presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro .

Expectation of Cubans

early on, hundreds of people with flags and pennants Cuba piled up against the fences surrounding the embassy of the United States in the Havana seawall to witness the reopening of the embassy, ​​which will mark the resumption of a bilateral relationship broken more than half a century.

Several Cubans demonstrated their agreement with this new development, but they recalled that even missing the US to lift the trade embargo suffered by the island, said Telam .

Ania Lopez has nearly 50 years and a medical daughter still has not left Cuba, but expects " soon comes to assisting the world, like many Cuban doctors "and is hopeful that the unfreezing of relations with the United States is" beneficial for Cubans, we have the basics like good health, but we lack things welfare. "

in Myrna side, a brunette of the same age, delineated" our hope is for our children, we are here all agree with this new direction. "
" We have many achievements, achieved despite the blockade, but it is time for brotherhood and peace, because we have to have better welfare. If you talk to people you'll notice a lot of hope, not that there is more work, because this work we all do, but most good, "he explained.

However, the statement Myrna on the abundance of work is a reality half, because although the work is a doctor charges the equivalent in pesos to $ 50 per month, and other less skilled jobs are well below that, which forces people to have another activity apart from official work.
generally these activities are linked to self-employment or directly to the formulation offers all the tourist, who is the bearer of the precious dollars or CUC, the currency that is handled here which is where all transactions of any significance are based.

about 500 meters from the US embassy is the National Hotel, which has been assembled international press center. More or less at the time the Secretary of State, John Kerry landed at Jose Marti airport, out of this beautiful and traditional hotel dozens of US citizens, with their flags in hand, to participate in the act, although in a number considerably lower than the local

Source:. Telam

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