Bolivia Chile proposed to request mediation of Pope Francisco

Bolivia Chile proposed to request mediation of Pope Francisco -

Bolivia proposed resuming diplomatic ties with Chile and request mediation by Pope Francisco to meet the demand of La Paz for a sovereign outlet to the Pacific ocean. In this regard, Santiago said he is willing to restore the relationship but "without conditions"

"I want to tell the government of Chile. We agree to restore diplomatic relations so that in less than five years is resolved sea ​​theme for Bolivia access to the Pacific ocean with sovereignty and guarantor, the pope brother Francisco, "said Bolivian President Evo Morales .

In a brief conference hit the Quemado Palace, seat of the Bolivian president, Morales urged his Chilean counterpart, Michelle Bachelet , to travel together to the Vatican to ask for the mediation of the supreme pontiff of the Catholic Church.

the Bolivian president stressed he was "willing to make representations to the Vatican for the pope brother Francis is the guarantor" of the talks and an eventual understanding.

a few hours later, through the Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz and secretary General of Government, Marcelo Diaz, Chile said it is interested in restoring the bilateral relationship, but without conditions.

"in order to respond to the desire that at least there from our country, we are available, in any time "to resume diplomatic relations broken in 1978," but without these conditions that they do is in good accounts, say no to the offer, "Munoz said.

" Our attention to Bolivia seeks mediation of the Pope at the same time has submitted its maritime claim to the jurisdiction of the (International Court) Court, which, as you know, Chile rejects "added the foreign minister.

in thus, Diaz said Morales "evades the background theme" because "the reestablishment of diplomatic relations is unconditionally and that will has expressed permanently Chile along many governments."

"what we do ie. there is our offer to restore diplomatic relations here and now and without conditions, "added Diaz

During his visit to La Paz, the 8th of this month, the Argentine pontiff urged governments of Bolivia and Chile to "build bridges of peace, not walls of separation" and stressed that it was "essential" that both countries engage in a "frank and open dialogue" to resolve their dispute.

The proposal was well received by Chilean authorities, who offered to Bolivia rebuild diplomatic relations with exchange of ambassadors.

Since the breakdown of the bond produced after negotiations failed carrying forward the Bolivian dictator Hugo Banzer and Chilean Augusto Pinochet in 1978, La Paz and Santiago have consuls but not ambassadors.

neither Munoz nor Diaz spoke today the Pope, who told journalists during the return flight from La Paz to the Vatican said it was "not unfair "claiming Bolivia sovereign access to the sea and that his mediation would be the" last step "to resolve the matter

. Source: Telam

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