Calbuco: alert in Chile by formation of acid rain

Calbuco: alert in Chile by formation of acid rain -

Torrential rains that hit this morning the Chilean southern region of Los Lagos, have alerted the authorities and the public for possible landslides and formation of "acid rain", after the third eruptive pulse to make Thursday the volcano Calbuco , which since April 22 threw stones and up to 210 thousand cubic meters of ash.
volcanologists said they the mixture of pyroclastic material ejected volcano water could lead to "acid rain" and, depending on the intensity and accumulation, may also cause lahars (slip sediment) that will increase the flow of rivers and floods, the agency ANSA .
"Any extra stimulus, like rain, cause this material to slide and finish on the riverbeds," said the geographer of the Catholic University, Pablo Osses.
" the advice is simple: exit zones channels and exit areas of the deltas of drains, where reach the sea or into the lake these rivers. "recommended the specialist
He warned of" not take the water directly during these times, besides the turbidity is very high, not provided with this element in the channels or lakes. "
Chilean authorities were now concerned about the possibility that the rainfall in the area volcano Calbuco cause side floods in the rivers, the Spanish agency EFE reported.
the alluvium trail in case of rain ash and emanating from the volcano sand, which involve great danger to people and buildings.
"the area is maintained exclusion 20 kilometers around the crater of the volcano, "reported the National Emergency Office (Onemi).
" the unstable pyroclastic material accumulated at the top of the volcano, on its slopes and surrounding areas could be washed away by rain , giving rise to side along the rivers draining the volcano and neighboring basins lahars, "the body.
More than 6,500 people were evacuated from the first eruption of the volcano, while the Committee for Emergency Operations ( COE) confirmed an exclusion zone of 20 kilometers around the crater.
While the National Geology and Mining (Sernageomin) kept current level of red alert in the area and did not rule out further eruptions and ash emission
the rain, according to the Meteorological Office of Chile, could decline from today and get about ten or twelve millimeters, while local authorities reiterated the ban evacuees on April 22 to go check their homes and livestock.
Interior Minister, Rodrigo Peñailillo, said that "until we have definitive results of what the status of water quality-not only drinking water but also in the estuario-, clearly we have to deliver to the population packaged and water through tanker trucks water. "
Given this scenario, the mayor of Puerto Montt, Gervoy Paredes, defined as a" quiet disturbed "the situation in the area.
" we're all alert watching minute minute why this was happening, through fire, with machines ready for a possible evacuation, but so far everything is still in its normal course, "he said.
he explained that" this time the impact does not come by the issue of eruption, but by the swollen rivers in its bed, in a considerable amount "and explained that prepared staff in the sector Chamiza and surroundings against the possibility of
to be evacuated
" people in reality is expectant, because everyone knows how they can change things with a sliding lahars, which can change the geography of the place, "concluded Paredes

. Source: Telam

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