Wreckage found in Reunion Island is Malaysia

Wreckage found in Reunion Island is Malaysia -

Prime Minister Malaysia, Najib Razak, confirmed that the debris discovered on the island The meeting belong to flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines , who disappeared in March 2014 with 239 people on board.

However, the French prosecutor was more cautious in stating that this is a "strong presumption" that must still be confirmed

Meanwhile, relatives of the victims who were flying on the Boeing 777 demanded to know the causes of the accident, reported the website of the French newspaper LeFigaro. "Now I want to know where the cabin of the aircraft is, so that we can remove the black box to find out what happened and to put an end to this case," said Jacquita Gonzales wife of a crewmember, to that medium.

for the French Prosecution there is a "strong presumption" that the rest of spoiler found on the beach last July 29 is the flight MH370 , although the current state of research does not allow confirm completely, reported the Spanish news agency EFE .

the piece of wing had been transferred last weekend to a local address General of the French Aviation, located on the outskirts of Toulouse, where he was examined by a team of experts from different nationalities.

in a first contact, experts sent by Boeing confirmed that the technical characteristics of the fragment they are of a Boeing 777, the same model that was lost when flying over the Indian Ocean without a trace.

added to this is that the representatives of Malaysia Airlines provided "elements of the technical documentation of flight" that were " common "to the remains examined.

But the deputy prosecutor of Paris, Serge Mackowiak , responsible for the judicial inquiry, tests so far are not sufficient to conclude that the remains belong to the plane, so he preferred to wait for the results of the additional tests will continue tomorrow, to "remove all doubt."

a modesty that did not Najib, who appeared in Kuala Lumpur minutes before the French prosecutor to ensure that an international group of experts had concluded that the remains found on the island of Reunion "are MH370."

"Now we have the physical evidence that, as announced on 24 March last year, the flight ended tragically in Indian Ocean , "said this morning the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Three judges instructors conduct research in France , one of the anti-terrorist section, which shows that Paris does not close the door to any hypothesis about what happened to that flight.

the presence of molluscs in the found remains can determine what kind of water was the piece of wing found, a fact that can be combined with the trajectory of ocean currents

. Source: Telam

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