Pope Francisco criticized the complainers and bored shepherds

Pope Francisco criticized the complainers and bored shepherds -

The Pope Francisco recalled that priests can not be "shepherds with vinegar face, plaintiffs nor, which is worse, bored shepherds "during the homily of Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday he celebrated in the Basilica of San Pedro .
Mass today also recalls" the day of the institution of the priesthood "and therefore the Pope's homily, as in previous Holy Thursday was dedicated to advice for priests and the" beauty "of fatigue for engaging the faithful.
Argentine pontiff Jorge Bergoglio he explained how this whole service and proximity to people tired, but he said, "is tired of the good, full of fruits and joy fatigue."
"the faithful does not leave us without direct tasks except one hide in an office or walk around town in a car with tinted windows, "he said.
But despite this fatigue, the Pope told the priests that can not be" shepherds faced vinegar, complainers nor, is worse, bored shepherds. "
also reiterated the need for pastors" smelling of sheep "and" smile father. "
" Nothing to do with those that smell of expensive perfume and you look from afar and from above, "he added
According appropriated news agency EFE, Francisco began his homily with a confession." you know how many times I think fatigue. Weariness of you all. I think a lot and pray it often, especially when you're tired I am. "
" Our fatigue is precious in the eyes of Jesus who welcomes us and puts us up, "said the pontiff in the first ceremony of the "Triduum Pasqual", the period of time when Catholics commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.
Francisco went over the duties to be fulfilled by priests and then added that there are also other tasks like "building a new parish, or paint the lines for football field youth living Oratorio. "
" These are tasks that our heart is moved and touched. We rejoice with the couple who marry, we laugh with the baby they bring to baptize; We accompany the young people preparing for marriage and families; We grieve with receiving the anointing in the hospital bed, weep with those who bury a loved one ... be, "he added.
The duties, according to Francis, who" fatigues the heart of Pastor "because, he said "for us priests stories of our people they are not a newscast"
"we know our people, we can guess what is happening in his heart. and ours, to feel sorry (to have them), we are going fraying, we are part into a thousand pieces, and is moved and even seems eaten by people, "he said.
also urged the Pope to priests" not only to do good, with all the fatigue involved, but we must defend the flock and defend oneself against evil. "
" the devil is beating us and is able to pull down at a time what we build patiently for a long time, "he said.
But recommended them to it," we must learn to neutralize bad "and" no "pull up the weeds, not pretend to defend as supermen what only the Lord has to defend. "
the celebration of Holy Thursday will continue this afternoon when Francisco, continuing the tradition when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, will leave the Vatican to make a Mass in the Roman prison Rebbibia where wash the feet of twelve prisoners

. Source: Telam

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