Argentina third confirmed victim in the air tragedy

Argentina third confirmed victim in the air tragedy -

Argentine businessman Juan Armando Pomo is added to the list of fatalities in the tragedy that starred aircraft German airline Germanwings that fell yesterday in the French Alps.

Pomo was living for some years in Paraguay, where he formed his family.

Thus there are now three the total number of deaths Argentine citizens. Gabriela Maumus , 30, and her husband Sebastian Greco yesterday had been confirmed among the passengers of the flight covered the route Barcelona - Düsseldorf. (See: There are two Argentines among the victims of the plane crash).

Meanwhile French authorities informed that the work of finding the remains of the ill-fated airplane resumed

The movement of vehicles air and land intensified from 7 (3 am in Argentina) as soon as the sun came up in the town of Seyne-les-Alpes, France, a few kilometers from the accident and where the rescue services are concentrated .

responsible operating rule "almost entirely" to recover today bodies of the deceased and prioritize information on the causes of the accident.

This was said responsible for the work of helicopters Xabier Roy, adding that he is moving to the accident site to coroners to confirm the deaths, although identification will be later.

Roy said conditions at the site are "more difficult" than yesterday because of the rain that fell during the night, making the steep terrain slippery.

Nevertheless, seven helicopters constantly flying over the area of ​​the accident to transport gendarmes, coroners and investigators.

"the priority now is to search for evidence and, in that sense, it is important to find the second black box," he said, referring to yesterday found one of the devices, which record the conversations of the pilots.

"Nor could imagine my daughter there,"

Mario Maumus , the Gabriela's father, spoke this morning for the first time after the accident and told the pain that his family is going through.

"I have a wife and two children. Yesterday I was seeing in TN the subject of the plane and nor could imagine my daughter there," he said.

with a lump in the throat, the father of Gabriela, who died with his Sebastian boyfriend, gave their statements to Radio Vorterix and told more details about the journey of the couple: "They were planning for two months this trip. Rome to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. They had all bought. They were together for two or three years ago, they were cohabiting, living in Belgrano. She was bassist of a rock band but did not professional but quietly. It was very open to this. "

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