Cristina with thousands of Argentines at Mass Francisco

Cristina with thousands of Argentines at Mass Francisco -

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner attended the multitudinous Mass celebrated by Francisco in the Guasú wildebeest park and concluded the ceremony, he greeted the high priest and gave him a copy of the prayer of John XXIII for the health of Eva Peron. Mass crowned the tour of the Pope by Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Cristina was specially invited by the Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes , and was the only president in the region who attended the Mass.

the next meeting of Cristina with the Pope could be between 25 and 27 September in the General Assembly of the UN , in New York, where he will speak for the first time a pope.

"Pope that media corporations are not published, but the world's people hear "

the president's Office published on its website a series of fragments of speech Francisco in the world Meeting of Popular Movements held in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on 9 July.

"Someone said it was almost an abbreviated encyclical. You are absolutely right. I ventured to extract some fragments, "said the president as a way to present the publication on its web fragments of speech.

Previously, Twitter, Cristina again questioned, as he had done earlier, the coverage of both the nation and Clarin today greeting made the pope sent the country yesterday to cross the Argentine airspace on its journey from Bolivia to Paraguay, last stop of his visit to the region.

source: Telam

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