Argentine stranded in Potosi already in the country

Argentine stranded in Potosi already in the country -

Following the news that Argentine stranded in Potosi had managed to cross the eighth and final seal has been confirmed, there was still hope that will return to the country.

this news was confirmed on Saturday night when they managed to cross the border Villazón to reach La Quiaca, Jujuy province.

this menera, it will be a matter of hours for travelers, including several Cordovan, can return home and ending an ordeal.

Meanwhile, demonstrations continue in the heights of the neighboring country. The potocinos who adopted the measure of force, of the few strongly opposed to the government of Evo Morales sectors, argue that not raise unemployment until they have a meeting with the president.

Sandra Rinaldi , one of the stranded Cordoba, is one of the last tourists are returning to the country. He explained that it was a new experience to see "a people together making a claim, and even paying with sacrifices."

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