Persist bombing in Yemen and the UN withdrew its staff

Persist bombing in Yemen and the UN withdrew its staff -

The rebels hutíes Yemen , the Shiite movement that for months now controls much of its territory, continue resisting the bombing launched by a coalition of nations mostly Arab, while the situation appears headed for a civil war, so that UN announced that it withdraw its staff.

Everything indicates that Yemen, the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, is headed for times of violence and instability, even deeper than those that occurred after the outbreak of the Arab Spring, which ended in 2012 with the overthrow of then President Ali Abdullah Saleh , after more than 20 years in power.

since governance was weak, but worsened last September, when hutíes took control of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, and the current president Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi took refuge in Aden.

from Aden, a key town that controls the entrance to the Red sea and the Suez canal, Hadi ruled until last Thursday when, harassed rebel attacks, left the country with the help of Saudi Arabia and settled in the capital of the neighboring power.

the hutíes are a Shiite movement of broad social base that the Yemeni government and its allies accuse of be an extension of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the only Shiite theocracy in the Middle East.

in the name of helping the Yemeni authorities to fend insugentes, a group of countries led by Saudi Arabia, which Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Morocco joined all Arab whose power is in the hands of Sunnis, more Pakistan launched an airstrike on Yemen.

Other nations in the region, belonging to the Alawite-Shiite alliance led by Iran, Syria and Lebanese Hezbollah party-militia, they rejected the offensive.

Moreover, Tehran -señalado by Arab countries like ally the hutíes-, requested peace talks in Yemen and stressed that supports the peace initiative of Oman, which proposes a solution through dialogue.

But away from the dialogue, the bombing continued today for a sixth day on hutíes positions, especially in the Yemeni capital, but air strikes have already reached nine of the 21 provinces of the country, killing dozens of wounded and at least 100 dead, mostly civilians, including many of them part of a field of displaced persons was bombed.

Last night, at least 11 civilians were killed and 33 wounded when destroyed six homes by aerial bombing of the coalition in the province of Eb, in the center of Yemen.

the Saudi foreign minister, prince Saud al Faisal, said today that the military campaign against hutíes continue until the end because his government "deployed great efforts to resolve the Yemeni crisis through peaceful and diplomatic means, but hutíes, former President Saleh and Iran refused. "

Al Faisal made the remarks during a meeting of the Saudi Parliament in Riyadh, but did not say whether the air campaign, which was joined by a naval blockade, will be extended to a raid Earth also, as demanded by this time the Yemeni authorities.

the Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassin today called a ground military operation "as soon as possible" to end the Shiite movement hutíes, in an interview the television channel Al Arabiya.

"we are asking that, and as soon as possible to save our infrastructure and save the Yemenis under siege in many cities," he said.

this context, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported today that are taking place "obstacles" to deliver a "shipment of vital medical supplies" in Yemen and claimed that allow and facilitate its distribution, while noting that the situation humanitarian of the population is critical.

And Nations Undias today announced that all international staff of the organization was evacuated from Yemen for security reasons, but said it continues to operate on the ground with their national employees.

the UN also confirmed that at least 29 people, all civilians, were killed and 41 wounded in the attack, but the death toll is likely to rise.

at a press conference, the UN spokesman Farhan Haq, said the organization does not have now evidence of who was responsible for the attack, but stressed that this is a "violation of international and humanitarian law" and demanded an end to such actions.

Source: Telam

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