Suman more than 2,400 dead in Nepal and seek to tourists

Suman more than 2,400 dead in Nepal and seek to tourists - 13

In total, there are 2,357 confirmed dead and 6,237 injured in Nepal, according to spokesman of the Interior Ministry, Laxmi Dhakal , the DPA agency, but the hundreds of disappearances and serious injuries have raised fears that the figure may increase.

Argentina's embassy in India, with jurisdiction in Nepal, had you contacted until this morning about twelve Argentine tourists were yesterday in the earthquake zone, which "are well" but in a "state of shock".

An embassy source said today Telam from New Delhi that "from the moment the earthquake we have received inquiries for 25 Argentines who were in northern India and Nepal at the time of the earthquake "that" although overall communications are cut, hour by hour we contacting "and that" it appeared a dozen people who are in good health, some in evacuation centers. "

However," the figures vary because consultations are continuous from Buenos Aires and also the location of those tourists. "

the source explained that "in the quake-affected area, no electricity and communications are cut" and said that the intention of the embassy is "trying to get compatriots Kathmandu."

also he recalled that "among Argentines no fatalities" and yesterday personally contacted the consul Victor Caviglia five Argentines living in the Nepalese capital.

the earthquake of 7.8 degrees on the scale Richter devastated yesterday much of the central valley of Nepal leaving homes destroyed, roads torn apart and telecommunications and cut electrical connections.

Nepal woke up today shocked by the magnitude of the earthquake and focused on the task of recovery of victims after a night that most of the citizens of the capital chose to go on the street to the risk of new tremors, according to EFE.

Meanwhile around forty aftershocks occurred since the earthquake today provoked a new scare with a strong shake of 6.7 degrees on the Richter scale, with located about 80 kilometers east of the Nepalese capital, which again felt in northern India and Bangladesh epicenter.

Those two countries have also registered 51 and a dead, respectively, while China completes the list of nations outside Nepal who have suffered the brunt of the quake with 17 dead.

Moreover, the death toll because of the avalanche on Mount Everest unleashed after the earthquake rose to 22, said today the Nepali government, while 217 people remain missing.

"the figure belongs only to the base camp. are above the camps 1 and 2, but it is impossible to access "because the passage is blocked due to the avalanche, he said today a military spokesman.

However," 61 people have been rescued alive base camp ", 41 of whom remain in serious condition.

bad weather in the area also hinders the work of the Indian army in charge of rescuing the bodies equipment.

on Saturday, when the avalanche occurred, there were about 1,000 mountain climbers and Sherpas who were preparing to scale the summit known as the "roof of the world".

just over a year ago, on April 18, 2014, Everest had suffered its greatest tragedy to the current earthquake killed 16 Sherpas also due to an avalanche.

Pope Francis prayed today a Hail Mary with the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square for the victims, who he sent a message of remembrance after the traditional Angelus prayer.

"I wish to confirm my closeness to the populations hit by a strong earthquake in Nepal and neighboring countries," said the pontiff.

"I pray for the victims, the wounded and all those who suffer from this calamity. They have the support of fraternal solidarity, "the Pope Bergoglio, as reproduced EFE.

Then the pontiff began praying the Hail Mary, followed by the faithful in the square, which today appeared full of people who came to attend daily prayer Sunday here.

yesterday's earthquake is the earthquake of greater intensity in almost 80 years in the country and the worst that registered the region in a decade since an earthquake in 05 caused a large tragedy in Kashmir, with a balance of more than 84,000 dead.

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