In 2015 the US police killed about 400 people

In 2015 the US police killed about 400 people -

After months of protests across the country by the racist and repressive policies of local police, the Washington post did what the FBI does: relieved all cases this year in which one or more police killed a suspect with a gun. The result was 385 cases nationwide.

In the US, every police force, state or municipal level, can choose whether reports to the FBI shootings and cases where official killed a suspect or a prisoner. Since 2011, less than 3% of the more than 18,000 police do.

Only those data and some estimates, the FBI estimated in the last decade that about 400 people are killed in shootings carried out by cops year, it is representing an average of 1.1 deaths per day.

According to research by Post, however, the rate of killings by armed police this year and is about 2.6 deaths per day. If this trend continues, the end of the year about 1,000 people have died from shots of police in the country.

Although the 385 victims who recorded the Post in five months equal to what the FBI estimates that happens over a year, experts warned it was possible that the final result of the investigation of the newspaper is very conservative.

"shootings are often not informed. we will never reduce the number of shootings initiated by the police if we do not start to follow irrefutably this information, "said the capital's middle, Jim Bueermann, a former police chief and current president of the police Foundation, an NGO based in Washington.

in addition, the figure released by the Post does not include victims who died drowned or as a result of beatings granted during or after arrest, tested in recent months they sparked massive protests by the black community in cities like New York cases and Baltimore.

While half of the victims reported by the Post are white, racial relationship changes substantially when analyzed only cases in which the suspects were unarmed. In such cases, two-thirds of the victims are black or Latino.

Moreover, if the numbers revealed by the Post with the demographic distribution of the United States are compared, black citizens are killed by police three times more than whites or any other minority

. Source: Telam

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