Venezuela closes a passage with Colombia and escalates the tension

Venezuela closes a passage with Colombia and escalates the tension -

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro , warned today that the move to Colombia by the binational border in the Tachira state will remain closed until peace and normalcy in the area is restored, while Caracas reported that deported 185 undocumented Colombians and arrested 8 suspected paramilitaries.

"until such normality is restored not will open the border to stop the attack. Say what you will, but I will not open it, it's my responsibility, "said Maduro in radio and television.

reiterated the president at the border difficult situations by the exodus of Colombians to Venezuela and the performance of the smuggler and paramilitaries live.

Maduro ordered to close border crossings of Tachira for 72 hours until Sunday, but last night said the move will be for time undefined and ordered the implementation of a state of emergency in their municipalities in the region.

"I will not open the border. Let them say whatever they want; no I'm going to open, it is my responsibility, "he said." Enough of both attack, "he added.

Refused it can be called a anticolombiano for having decreed a state of emergency and stressed, however, that is "fighting smuggling, smugglers and paramilitaries coming and almost killed us two lieutenants and a soldier."

"the smugglers are taking Venezuelan paper money, in an open economic war and directs (former President) Alvaro Uribe with the paramilitaries back in Cucuta. what I am is antiparaco, anti-crime and Colombia the love and respect, and the Colombian people, "he said.

Moreover the governor of the border state of Tachira, José Vielma Mora, reported they were deported 185 undocumented Colombians and captured another 8 accused of being paramilitaries, "with the support of the Consulate General of Colombia."

According to Mora, the 8 detainees are alleged members of the "Colombian paramilitary group" Los Urabeños, promoters of drug trafficking and trafficking of minors. "

" it is presumed that one has to do with the attempted murder "of the three soldiers and the civilian wounded on Wednesday, a fact which acted as a trigger for the closure of the border in Tachira and the declaration of emergency rule by President Nicolas Maduro.

Source: Telam

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