parliamentary elections in Israel

parliamentary elections in Israel -

be held tomorrow Israel tomorrow in a parliamentary vote that ended up becoming a referendum on the right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disadvantaged by the coalition of center field Zionist linking the Labour Isaac Herzog and the center-right, former Minister Netanyahu Tzipi Livni.

Netanyahu , the first native to reach the position Israeli prime minister between 1996 and 1999 and returned in 09. he successfully defended again since 2013, and aspires to a fourth term though, with polls assigning 24 seats against 20 of its main adversary , can be defeated in the election.

polls announce that after the pronouncement of the nearly six million voters Campo Zionist (consisting of the Labour Party Herzog and Hatnuá centrist Livni) will defeat the Likud by a Unlike four seats, 24-20.

Both "Bibi," as it is known in Israel as Herzog (who is called "Buzi") tried to seduce voters of his allies the last day of campaigning, analysts say.
When, from the settlement of Har Homa in East Jerusalem, Netanyahu said his opponents the unity of the Israeli city under control was not sure and he would continue to work to prevent its division, pointed to the base Naphtali Bennett, head of the Jewish home and defender of the settlements in the West Bank.

the latest polls show that the Jewish home is absorbing votes from Likud that Netanyahu seeks to recover.

Bennett argues in his campaign for the annexation of parts of the West Bank still under Israeli control and the creation of an autonomous Palestinian entity. Since it is difficult that despite winning seats, the center left achieves form a government, will assume a much greater weight in future Executive formed by the Likud.

To counter this, "Bibi" reiterated that if he maintained in the Israeli government there would be a Palestinian state.

regarding Jerusalem, Netanyahu predicted that if they beat Zionist Campo, its leaders "would be left out by the international community and accept its orders" among others to freeze housing construction in East Jerusalem.

"Bibi" understands that if his party won a relatively poor result, lose a significant percentage of legitimacy to continue as chief executive even when only the Likud remains in a position to form a government.

the president of the party Israel our home, Avigdor Lieberman, meanwhile, left the relative moderation which had forced his chancellorship and deployed extreme bellicosity that had characterized from the plain when he said that if, as he was appointed defense minister in the next Israeli government, will head the military "last campaign" against Hamas.

Similarly, although addressing a different audience, Isaac Herzog summoned voters secular party of middle class Yesh Atid (There Futuro), led by Yair Lapid, to support it to him so as not to the game Netanyahu in parliamentary arithmetic.

the Labour leader expressed his commitment to be prime minister "of all Israelis" without group differences, beliefs or ideologies.

"I promise: I will be the prime minister of all and for all, to the right and the left, to the ultra-Orthodox and secular, for Arabs, Druze, Circassians. Prime Minister will be the center and the periphery; students and senior age, "he said.

The elections tomorrow also bring into question aspects of the policy of Netanyahu bothering the President of the United States, Barack Obama, particularly the anti-Iranian intransigence that led him to give a bordering speech meddling in US Senate that country on January 3 issues.

Another issue of concern Israelis is the rising cost charged by neoliberal policies cabinet Netanyahu, culminating with enormous power the process that led to that forty years ago was one of the developed countries more egalitarian (between Jews at least) to be the most unequal.

Source: Telam

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