Greece: riots against the agreement with Eurogroup

Greece: riots against the agreement with Eurogroup -

On June 27, the Greek government led by Syriza submitted the ultimatum creditors referendum and campaigned for 'no'. The result of the referendum was a resounding austerity and continued debt bondage rejection.

However, less than a week after the referendum, the Greek government presented a new financing proposal to its creditors , linked to a package of austerity measures even tougher than those rejected in the referendum.

Syriza and Eurogroup finally reached an agreement on the program of "rescue" that includes the creation of a privatization fund by 50 billion euros, in addition to the implementation of many reforms submitted to the Hellenic nation to a series of cuts in pensions and labor market.

the government of "salvation national "decided to implement an austerity plan that not only ignores the struggle of anti-austerity of the past five years movements, of which Syriza previously formed part, but also betrays the verdict of 61% of Greeks he voted against austerity only a week earlier.

on Wednesday, the Greek parliament approved controversial measures necessary to start negotiations on the new rescue package and avoid financial collapse. The standard c ontempla tax hikes and reforms to the pension system that will condemn the Greeks more years of economic hardship.

Around 12,000 protesters showed up outside the building public protest against the betrayal of the ruling party. The m anifestantes hurled firebombs and stones at police, who responded with tear gas. A t least 50 people were arrested.


The clashes are the first violent protest since the leftist party came to power in January promising to fight austerity.

Many lawmakers Syriza rejected the package and voted against the law, which raises questions about the government's survival in its present form. The law however was passed with the votes of the pro-European opposition parties.

The alternating Finance Minister Nadia Valavani, said he could not vote in favor of the law and resigned . Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy, Hands Manousakis, also resigned because of the agreement.

Under the agreement, Greece must approve new austerity measures that the party left the government had promised to fight for that negotiations on a third rescue begin amounting to 85,000 million euros ($ 93,000 million) in loans over the next three years

Source: Cba24n - Telesur

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