Techint businessman arrested by Petrobras case

Techint businessman arrested by Petrobras case -

Ourique Ricardo Marques Managing Director of Engineering and Construction Company of Argentine Italian origin Techint in Brazil, was arrested along with other executives as part of the operation called Lava Jato, which began with the investigation into allegations of corruption in Petrobras and expanded to other state enterprises.

in a statement issued this afternoon in Buenos Aires, Techint said that once finished testifying, "towards noon," Ourique resumed "normal duties" and stressed that the company "provided all the information were you required and remains at the disposal of the "Brazilian authorities.

in addition to the arrests, the police was carrying 23 search requests and searches in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia , to review offices surveyed executives and their email accounts.

the surveyed companies are contractors Eletronuclear, a subsidiary of the electricity group Eletrobras, according to the federal prosecutor Athayde Ribeiro Costa , the director of Eletronuclear Othon Luiz Piñeiro received at least 4.5 million in bribes.

research It covers the Angramon consortium (which is part of Techint) and Engevix, also contractor of the works of Eletronuclear.

Eletronuclear is a subsidiary of Eletrobras and carried out the works of the Angra 3 plant, which are under investigation the authorities.

Othon da Silva is out of Eletronuclear since April this year, after the first allegations of corruption. Today was arrested in Rio de Janeiro under the regime of temporary detention as part of Operation Lava Jato. According to the Federal Public Ministry, Andrade Gutierrez paid bribes to the president of Eletronuclear for at least two contracts with the state. Contracts have been addressed to the consortium which Techint part winning party.

In April, the anti-corruption agency Comptroller General (CGU) announced the opening of an administrative proceeding against five companies allegedly involved in Lava Jato, who joined 29 other companies with open suspicion of irregularities processes.

the proceedings were opened against the Brazilian subsidiary of Argentina Italian Techint (Techint Engenharia e Construcoes Ltda), NM Engenharia, Construcap CCPS Engenharia, Niplan Engenharia and Jaragua Equipamentos.

in March, the Brazilian subsidiary of Techint criticized the state oil company Petrobras prohibit participate in new public works contracts, ensuring that the decision violates the presumption of innocence.

Since December 2014 Techint is prevented from further contracts with Petrobras with 22 other large construction.

the Public Ministry of Brazil said today that the irregularities uncovered in the state company Eletronuclear show that corruption goes "far beyond" the colossal scandal at Petrobras.

"we step and we see that corruption is not restricted only to Petrobras," he said the prosecutor Athayde Ribeiro Costa to explained in a press conference held today operation for evidence of the existence of Eletronuclear bribes in exchange for awarding works contracts to major private firms

. Source: Telam

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